Science & Magic: Yoga Nidra for Heart Coherence

By Amanda Leaveck (other events)

Tuesday, March 19 2019 7:30 PM 8:45 PM

Join Yoga Nidra Specialist, Meg Elaine, for a special class offered through the 'Science & Magic' yoga subscription.

The subscription's theme for the month of March is focused on building Heart Coherence, and this class will increase coherence through Yoga Nidra, basic breathing methods, gentle breath-centered flow, Pawanmuktasana movements, and other gooey Restorative postures. The thematic nature of class will give students the opportunity to listen to and connect with their hearts deepest desires.

FREE for In-Person Subscribers
$10 drop-in for Virtual Subscribers
$20 drop-in for non-subscribers

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About Meg:
Meg has been practicing yoga and meditation for about ten years, while teaching for five. With an initial focus of teaching Vinyasa, she now specializes in Restorative and Yoga Nidra, having studied a 100-hour training while living in New Zealand two years ago. Yoga has given her the gift of feeling further at home within her own body, and she finds Yoga Nidra to be her most powerful practice to access deep layers of relaxation. Yoga Nidra (or yogic sleep) allows students to access both Alpha and Theta brain waves, release Samskaras (mental impression from past experiences), improve sleep, reduce stress, among countless other benefits.

About the heart:
Our heart is more than just an organ, it’s an expansive energy center. There are more nerve connections between the heart and the brain than any other system in the body – in fact, 90% of these connecting fibers ascend from the heart up to the brain. These neural pathways are constantly sending signals that interact with the brains higher cognitive and emotional centers, and it has been scientifically proven that practicing positive emotions increases intuition and promotes creativity.